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FAQ - Components Manufacturing Division

Q. Why should I use Submersible Systems?

A. If you already get great service, on-time delivery and low-cost production, then you have no reason to change from your current component provider. Otherwise, we look forward to proving our excellent customer support and production service to you.

Q. Will Submersible Systems be able to meet my production deadlines?

A. We originally invested in our machines to reduce our production costs and to ensure a more reliable component manufacturing schedule. The same commitment will be applied to your project as if it were our own. You can be assured we will make every effort to make on-time delivery and communicate any issues, delays or problems as soon as we know about them. Production is managed on our two turning centers that operate using automatic bar feeders enabling our machines to operate almost 24 hours/day, much of it without any direct supervision.

Q. What machine should I use for my part?

A. Every job is different, and every solution can be achieved in many different ways. Our design team can help find the most cost effective, timely approach to meet your production deadline based upon your requirements.

Q. I don't see my material in your list. Can you utilize different materials?

A. If you have a different material requirement not listed in on our materials page, then call us to consult with our design team to see if we can handle your specifications.

Q. I need precision quality control, can Submersible Systems handle it?

A. Our own products require tight quality control to help ensure reliability in life-threatening situations. Our testing equipment is precise to 1 micron. Our production control can meet most standard precision requirements to .0001" (.0003mm).

Q. I need a special high pressure cylinder that is not listed in your stock list. Can you make it for me?

A. We can make custom size cylinders as small as 1.1 cu. ft. to as large as 3.0 cu. ft. designed for 3000 psi. If you need something smaller or larger, call our design team to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Q. How long does it take to get a quote?

A. After our design team receives your quote, we will contact you for more details and give you an email address to send your drawings. We then gather material costs, consult our machinists and try to get a quote back to you within a few business days.

Q. I have a large part that I need. Can you handle it?

A. Submersible Systems is set up to machine smaller more precise parts. See our machines specifications for more details about each of our machines and their size capabilities.

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