Where do you need Spare Air today?

For over 45 years, Submersible Systems has been manufacturing, assembling, and selling lifesaving breathing systems worldwide from our factory in Huntington Beach (Orange County), California. This is the corporate website for Submersible Systems, Inc. Please visit the specific product website shown to the left for complete information and specifications about all our life saving and recreation products.

Submersible Systems began producing the Spare Air in 1979 for SCUBA divers as an independent redundant air supply. Serving like a skydiver's reserve parachute, a Spare Air can be deployed for self-rescue or supplied to a buddy diver in the event of air supply failure while at recreational depths.

HEED 3 and Spare Air can be equipped with an optional nose clip on a lanyard.

Government, military, and private organizations recognized the potential for Spare Air in other applications leading to the introduction of the HEED - Helicopter Emergency Egress Device. Now in its 3rd Generation, the HEED 3 has evolved into a simple, reliable and affordable device for rescue from water emergencies. Recently, the HEED 3 Hose Model was introduced for additional versatility.

The logical evolution for Spare Air is to be used in above water toxic air situations, or workplace shallow water situations where a few extra breaths can be the difference between life and death. Our Spare Air Industrial is packaged to either be worn on a subject or mounted in a designated area for rapid deployment during an emergency. Incidents where SCUBA divers have used their Spare Air's to escape from smoke inhalation emergencies caused by home fires inspired a package including a pre-filled Spare Air and mask called the Spare Air Escape.

Another inspiration for using a Spare Air in self-rescue came from tow-in-surfers who could get caught underwater in big waves. By creating a smaller tank and placing it in a hands-free neoprene vest, the Spare Air Xtreme Sport is ideal for Kayakers, River Runners, and Surfers.

Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for methods to quickly and inexpensively get them under the water. The Spare Air Xtreme Xtreme 6 combines a large 6 cu. ft. tank with the innovative EasyDive Snorkelator into a light 5lb mini-SCUBA diving/snorkeling package.

For Mini-SCUBA with larger air capacity, Submersible Systems added EasyDive to their family of products. Combined with the Snorkelator, a device that allows the user to quickly switch from the 19 cu. ft. air supply to surface air through a snorkel, preserving their compressed air until they are ready to go down again, and weighing in at only 15lbs.

In 2024, Submersible Systems in partnership with New Zealand based Public Safety Institute launched the first type-approved Swift Water Breathing Apparatus, or SWBA®. Designed and holstered specifically for first responders in water rescue incidents, the proven HEED 3 design extends self-rescue time, ensure critical breathing capability, and minimizes the risks in contaminated water, making it essential for rescue agencies.

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Submersible Systems is proud to display the Made in the USA symbol on our products machined and assembled in Huntington Beach, CA.